Free De Backer

The ever-changing unknown

There are tons of theoretical frameworks to approach and understand art, but at a certain point in time you are confronted with the individuality of a piece and the necessity for interpretation thereof (Free De Backer & Sven Vanderstichelen) Lees verder The ever-changing unknown

VUB Alumni on Facebook

As you might have heard, we are in the process of expanding our reach and will use Facebook and other social media channels like Instagram and Twitter to keep the relationship between VUB and its alumni vibrant and active. Lees verder VUB Alumni on Facebook

Sonja Snacken in blauw kleed in de VUB

Sonja Snacken: difference between apparent logic and causal relation

Critical thinking reveals the difference between an apparent logical correlation and a true causal relation. In that sense, it goes against the general notion of what people call ‘common sense’. Which is never a good yardstick for legal decisions or policy measures. You just cannot state that when someone does something illegal or commits a crime you have to incarcerate that person by definition since you simply cannot generalise. Lees verder Sonja Snacken: difference between apparent logic and causal relation

book cover post covid research

Poincaré : Post Covid-19

Coronacrisis impacted society in many ways. But to what extent will society change permanent, after COVID-19?
What are the short term and long term effects op socio-economical level? On the health sector, on poverty, education and mobility? Does the crisis also entail possibilities and opportunities? Lees verder Poincaré : Post Covid-19

Suriname : Jo-Ann Monsels

How on earth does a girl from Paramaribo choose for a degree in sociology in grey, rainy and dull Brussels? Yet it is what happened to Jo-Ann, who finished her degree in sociology at our university in 2016 and is currently working as a lecturer and consultant back in her hometown, Paramaribo, Suriname. Her story reads like a novel. Not always a happy one, but she is the first to draw a smile on everyone’s face when she starts telling it. Lees verder Suriname : Jo-Ann Monsels

Gustaaf Cornelis: the banks of our comfort zone

Critical thinking starts from yourself. “You must have courage” to paraphrase Kant. From the moment you have the clarity to dare and truly ‘think through’ something, you are acting critically. The seeds thereof are part of your own world view. Or not. At a certain moment you will begin to question that world view. If … Lees verder Gustaaf Cornelis: the banks of our comfort zone

Logo VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Inspire by Example

We find you a source of inspiration. For our current students, alumni and policy makers. and for our own organisation. Via the ‘Mentors & Professionals’ program. we wish to:
show where our students land, after their studies
Link profiles to education and facultypages, to inspire (future) students
facilitate networking and relationships
Lees verder Inspire by Example

Cathy Macharis

Thinking Back: Mobility

Mobility. Everyone has an opinion about it. That’s okay. Those opinions are usually coloured by one’s own experiences, one’s own situation, one’s own backgrounds. We don’t send our children to school by bike, because we are scared of cars and in doing so, we throw our own cursecar into the commotion.
We curse on the efficiency of public transport, but are not prepared to pay much for it. We annoy ourselves with folding bikes on the train … Lees verder Thinking Back: Mobility

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