Thinking Back: CSR

CSR Sustainability and Profit. Water and Fire? 

CSR. We talk about it, we think about it, we think we do it and pursue it, but I this really the case?  THe word in itself already covers a multitude of meanings.

One thing is for sure, it should never be used as a pretext for nothing doing anything. Purpose, happy profit, name how you want it, it is most certainly not a function on the side of normal operations. it should be considered as a reflex of good management. It’s not about introducing well ment initiatives to show the outside world how committed you are. We are talking about developing an integrated vision on sustainability.

The conversation with our experts, Elvira Haezendonck and Nikolay Dentchev , confirms that it is difficult to break the status quo. Sacrifices will have to be made, and we have to think differently. 

And so did our alumni, in a roundtable discussion, trying to propose a solution and set the agenda for the coming weeks and months.

Would you like to put your shoulders to this initiative? Let us know what you think here and we will definitely invite you to our next summit. 

If you want to listen to the podcast, click on the link. It is, however, only available in Dutch.