Thinking Back: Mobility

Mobility now and in the future.

Mobility. Everyone has an opinion about it. That’s okay. Those opinions are usually coloured by one’s own experiences, one’s own situation, one’s own backgrounds. We don’t send our children to school by bike, because we are scared of cars and in doing so, we throw our own car into the commotion. 
We curse on the efficiency of public transport, but are not prepared to pay much for it. We annoy ourselves with folding bikes on the train and curse the trucks jamming our highways . 

At the same time, we are enthusiastic about city bikes, sharing platforms, shared cars and electric initiatives. 

The advantage of the discussion, which dominates our daily lives, is that everyone has an opinion, about how things can be done sooner and better. 

Both from our discussions with experts and in the alumni working group, the outlines emerged. Mentality change, policy, infrastructure, urban planning and climate. Quite a bite! To complete the picture, technology swings between them, both as a solution and as a threat. 

The conversation with our experts, Cathy Macharis and Bas De Geus, confirms that it is difficult to break the status quo. Sacrifices will have to be made, and we have to think differently. 

You can listen to the podcast here, unfortunately only available in Dutch.

Think Differently! That’s precisely what our alumni did, in a roundtable discussion, trying to propose a solution and set the agenda for the coming weeks and months.

Would you like to put your shoulders to this initiative? Let us know what you think here and we will definitely invite you to our next summit. Just drop us a line, and stay tuned!