VUB Alumni platform?

It’s not Ours! It’s yours!

A university like ours grows and thrives on its alumni.
We want you to share your thoughts, ideas, and adventures.
Reach out to long lost fellow students, create enthusiasm for
your projects.
We will keep you informed on our projects, please do the same.

Announce, discuss, communicate, and have fun.

To show you that we are serious, here’s the first action: “The Barney Stinson Challenge”

Challenge accepted, Barney Stinson
I really, really want to see him/her back!

Ok, we all know you had a crush on her. You still need to get those 50 euro’s back, or you promised to go for drinks?… and then, all of a sudden, you graduated, flew back to your own country, and it never happened.

Let’s see if we can help you.

And to prove that we strive for the highest academical standards,
“The first post graduation feedback poll”!

Your post VUB sentiments…

This site is organised in a very simple way.
It’s all about our (former)students, the international reach, news from the home front (your Alma Mater), the international alumni community and societal change.
All kind of stories fit in, we just count on you!

Alma Mater

News from VUB, publications, initiatives, things that might interest you. It’s as simple as that. That’s our commitment.


From Argentina to Zimbabwe, From Iceland to South Africa. we have students everywhere. We want you to reach out, and get in touch. our social media channels and initiatives will help achieving this. Join us, and engage in the discussion.


The Alumni are a community within our global community. We want to hear more about you. We want to share the news we have about you, and this is the place where that will happen.